Veritas: Telling the Truth About Revitalization

I’m just starting to explore a project of the Evangelical Covenant Church in America called Veritas.  I grew up largely in the Evangelical Covenant Church in Canada, and it’s interesting to see how these Swedish Lutheran cousins are seeking renewal in their denomination.  Veritas is an effort to explore a variety of missional themes; changing the way they see their work in the world and their witness for Jesus.  What lessons can we learn from our cousins?  What does Veritas teach us?  Is “truth-telling” something we need to explore as we pray for the future of the ELCIC together?

Here are some notable facets to the Veritas project:

The purpose of CO-OP is to assist Covenant pastors in developing the skills necessary to lead their church to its full kingdom potential through pastor coaching. CO-OP helps the pastor lead strategically and organizationally. Through coaching, the pastor receives guidance on how to turn vision into reality.

Veritas Resources: Handouts and resources that are helping to shape their thinking.

Pulse: A church health assessment tool, first steps towards vitality in the local church.


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