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November 9, 2010

A special thanks to the seventy-or-so people who gave up the better part of a Saturday to join in the What if? conversation on November 6th.  There is a real sense that the ELCIC and wider Church is experiencing a time of deeper consideration; wondering together about what God might be doing among us, and how we might join God in that.  Church renewal and the hope that it inspires is not the domain of a few people, it’s a passion that’s shared by many.  People from all across the Church, that is, across denominational lines are gathering to discuss the future of the Church; hope is rising and it’s good that we do not dream alone.  Our speakers, Cam Roxburgh and Anthony Brown, for example, shared with us that people across Alberta are having similar conversations.  In the coming weeks and months we expect to have more news about a missional network and training hub here in Calgary, a collaboration between denominations, local churches, and Forge Canada.  What could God be up to?

Lastly, I got an email that this little blog was listed as one of Top 50 Lutheran blogs being read right now.  Thanks for joining the conversation!

What if? This Saturday, November 6th

November 2, 2010

We’re only days away from the upcoming What if? One-Day Missional Conversation hosted here in Calgary.   At the heart of this event is the hope that our churches will be places that thrive for the Kingdom of God.  In many ways it’s experimental and a little risky to dream about the future and consider how God might be equipping our communities to better reach out in the name of Jesus; but we’re eager to see what God will do among us this Saturday.  If you have not yet registered online, or would like to know more about what is being planned for that day, please visit

What if? 2010 builds momentum

July 27, 2010

Earlier this year we came up with the idea of hosting a one-day event to learn, discuss, dream, and get resources about being missional communities.  That big idea turned into an event called, What if…?.  Although we’re still several months away from this November 6th event, registrations are starting to come in and we’re excited about what this conversation will become!  For more information, and to register, visit  The first 100 to register are entered into a draw for a missional resource package, so register early.  See you in November!

What if? Conversation Poster and April Newsletter

April 7, 2010

Check out the poster for the What if Conversation Poster.  We hope to have a color poster mailed to each Alberta Synod church by the end of May.  If you’re not a subscriber to the newsletter, you can view the April edition here, or sign up for the (almost) monthly newsletter here.

“What if…?” Welcomes Anthony Brown

March 26, 2010

We’re pleased to announce that Anthony Brown will be one of our guest speakers, along with Cam Roxburgh at the What if? One-Day Missional Conversation on November 6th, 2010 in Calgary.  Anthony is the Director of Education for Forge Canada, Senior Pastor of Hillside Church in North Vancouver, and Pastoral Tutor at Regent College.  Prior to his current work, Anthony headed up non-profit organizations helping to transition churches from maintenance to mission and train pastors to lead missional churches.  He moved to Canada from his native England ten years ago.

To learn more about the upcoming What if? Conversation, to sign up for the (almost) monthly newsletter, or to register, please visit

Napkins and Whiteboards are the new tools of Church leadership

March 9, 2010

At Lutheran Church of Our Saviour I’ve started to gather with people from our congregation at the local pub.  No, we’re not going for the drink specials, we’re going because they have napkins; large white napkins with plenty of space for sketching new ideas and reflecting upon God’s invitation to our Church family.  Something exciting happens when people get together and share ideas because we start to see that God is working in the hearts of his children, seeding dreams and developing gifts.  By the end of our evening, we walk away with vision and hope for the Church (not to mention a stack of napkins with sketches and ideas). 

The Church is starting to dream in new ways.  I was pleased to hear about a one day event called the Whiteboard Sessions held in Virginia:

The Whiteboard Sessions is a one-day conference about ideas in ministry – ideas that will stretch our thinking and shape the church’s future. Seven, influential leaders will have 30 minutes each to present one, compelling idea. This could be a biblical conviction, a proven strategy, a recent epiphany, or even a raw, untested theory.

Today, more than ever, we need to reacquaint ourselves with the napkin and whiteboard.  We need to dream of new approaches to leadership training and rethink our Seminary systems.  We need to open our eyes to a lack of Church planting in the last several decades and dream of new ways to establish communities of Faith.  We need to gather together and allow for innovative conversations and take measured risks.  Will you join the conversation?  There’s a napkin with your name on it!

Check out our own “napkin” dreaming event here in Calgary at Update: Registration Now Open!

March 3, 2010

Registration is now open for the What if? One-Day Missional Conversation about the future of the Church and Missional activity in the Church.  There is now an online registration form and many other goodies.  So check out the site and register today!  The first 100 registrations will be put in a draw for a missional resource package.  Visit

Cam Roxburgh:

February 23, 2010

I’m pleased to announce that Cam Roxburgh will be one of the speakers at the “What if…?” Conversation held this November 6th, 2010.  Cam Roxburgh is the National Director for the Forge Missional Training Network as well as the Team Leader of Southside Community Church  in Vancouver, BC.  He is currently the Director of Church Planting Canada and serves as an advisor to the Research Committee for EFC. He also serves as Canadian Baptist Ministries Missional Director.  Cam will be with us all day to help guide us into our conversation about becoming a congregations that enter into God’s mission in the world. 

The What if…? One-Day Missional Conversation is hosted at Lutheran Church of Our Saviour in Calgary, Alberta on November 6th, 2010; it’s a time to come together and talk about the future of the Church.  What is God up to and how can we join in?  What if God was up to something new in our midst?  You’re invited to be part of it.

For more information, visit

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