What if? 2010 builds momentum

July 27, 2010

Earlier this year we came up with the idea of hosting a one-day event to learn, discuss, dream, and get resources about being missional communities.  That big idea turned into an event called, What if…?.  Although we’re still several months away from this November 6th event, registrations are starting to come in and we’re excited about what this conversation will become!  For more information, and to register, visit whatif2010.ca.  The first 100 to register are entered into a draw for a missional resource package, so register early.  See you in November!

Hopeful new directions in resource development

July 14, 2010

Whenever I come across a group that is creating excellent and creative new resources for the church, I get excited.  I noticed Augsburg Fortress promoting a new confirmation program and after following a few links I ran into Spark House.  Here is what they’re about:

It’s time to start a fire. 

Rumors of decline.  Dramatic cultural shifts.  The growing irrelevance of Christianity.

A spark is a potential for change. A glowing reminder of what the Spirit is up to. The start of an idea that just might catch. Our collective imagination at work.  Is it possible that the changes affecting our faith communities are ultimately opportunities, not threats?

We believe so.

Let’s be clear, churches of all kinds and theological viewpoints are struggling to be relevant – even to survive. But we don’t think the problem ultimately lies with money, size, or style. The key is imagination. The ability to envision and move into a new future. In a word, faith.

We’re attracted to all kinds of problems, because we see opportunities. Our calling is to reimagine resources like VBS or Bible study in a way that creates new vitality, change, and relevance in Christian communities.

The only way forward is to imagine a new future together.

What a remarkably hopeful attitude!  I’m inspired.

Summer Sabbath

July 7, 2010

As we ease into these warmer summer days, I’d like to remind all of my hard working ministry peers to take some Sabbath rest this summer.  I’ll be doing some traveling, study, and a little bit of camping – all to recharge the batteries and allow God to quiet my heart with his love (Zeph. 3:17).  We may be easing up on blogging for the summer, but this fall will be a new season of renewal and attentiveness to the work God is doing in our midst.  God is up to something new in the ELCIC, and we’re excited to be along for the journey!

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