“What if…?” is a blog dedicated to exploring the transforming presence of God as He works through ordinary people in extraordinary ways.  We recognize the need for transformation in the ELCIC and this blog is intended to offer out-of-the-box “What if…?” ideas for Christ-centered ministry, to challenge sacred cows in our Church, and to remind us that God is at work in ordinary people.  Why not post a comment and offer your own “What if…?” hopes for the Church. 

The contributors for this blog are from the Alberta and the Territiores Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, we were brought together as a “Possibility Thinkers” think-tank to consider future directions for the church.

The views of this group are not intended to represent the official postions of the church, but are intended to support the church in mission, engage new ideas, and welcome input from across the Synod and beyond.

We humbly and faithfully offer our questions, our explorations, our challenges and our variety to the glory of God and to the equipping of God’s people.  Jesus is Lord and we pray that this blog would lift Him high as the hope of this Church.  If you have questions about the blog, you may contact any of the contributors (see below), or email Preston Pouteaux at info@whatif2010.ca


Who Are They And What Are They About?

A note from Bishop Ron Mayan

By faith we trust that God is alive and moving in our church. So what could God possibly be calling us to be about in this time of discontinuous change in the church? The Possibility Thinkers was convened by Bishop Ron Mayan as an effort to explore this question.  To do this  a group of progressive, out-of-the-box thinking, lay and professional leaders of the ABT Synod were brought together as a kind of “think tank” to re-imagine Church for the 21 century, to dream of possibilities for mission and listen for where God is leading us.  

The group invited to the first meeting  included Bishop Ron, Pastor Ryan Andersen, Pastor Scott Peterson, Preston Pouteaux, Pastor Julianne Barlow, Pastor Tim Graff, Pastor Tim Wray, Robyn Simpson-Mohr, Judy Wry, Roseanne Thede and Pastor Rebekah Eckert.  At our second meeting we added Pastor James Hendricksen to the “think tank”.

The conversation, questions and the dreaming about the mission and ministry toward which God is leading us requires our faithful attention and response.  So as we continue we are looking forward to creating opportunities for you to join us in dreaming and listening for the ways that God is at work renewing and reforming our church.  

To capture the essence of the Possibility Thinkers’ work, you are invited to visit abtrenewal.wordpress.com, or follow the link from the ABT Synod website www.albertasynod.ca  We invite you to join in the conversation by adding your comments and questions.

+Ronald B. Mayan, Bishop
Synod of Alberta and the Territories
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada


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