What if…we came alongside

We talk a lot about the homeless in our cities, but its often from the safety of our homes and church buildings. “Come to us,” we say to them. “Come, where WE feel safe.”

My wife is quick to point out that the problem of homelessness can be quickly solved if we as Christians came alongside them and took them into our homes, adopting them. What a risk, but no one changes anything by playing it safe (a quote from another great movie: The Soloist).

The movie Blindside, the true story of just one such case, witnesses to us the possibility of what a people walking in God’s mission can do.


2 Responses to What if…we came alongside

  1. Ty Ragan says:

    Essentially whether we talk life recovery or evangelizing new members into our church it comes down to the example of our Brother Jesus. Acceptance for the human being before us.

  2. Stef says:

    Great post! Helping out with monitary donations is important, but the physical needs are not the most important thing.

    Jesus walked alongside people and gave of his time relationally. I think Jesus would want us to do the same. Everyone benefits where relationship is involved. 🙂

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