A Relevant Church

Lately I have been doing some thinking about relevance. Should the church try to be relevant? That depends on what we mean by relevance and what we are trying to connect. Instead of repeating a long article you can find my thoughts on relevance on another blog I contribute to called Call and Response you can find it  here. It is in response to another very good article which you can find here.


One Response to A Relevant Church

  1. Barry Bence says:

    I really enjoy listening to my parish pastor. Just last Sunday he shared some of his reading from Mother Teresa’s biography as part of our Transfiguration worship. His sermon was relevant with capital letters! It linked my own Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to Mother Teresa’s insight that her inner darkness grew out of the pain Christ feels from the suffering of the poor today. Where else do we get such “relevance” but from Servants of the Word? My nightmares continue, but at least I see them as having a spiritual connection now. Do you get that kind of help from Yoga or Oprah or whatever?

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