Talking about Jesus

Get this, I read today that, “Although many churches are worried about offending people by sharing the Gospel, less than 1 percent of the population complained Christians are too aggressive in their evangelistic efforts.”

Last week I had to deal with a challenging situation in the community.  A domestic dispute involving a number of people.  After a time of prayer with our staff, I entered the fray wondering what God would have me face.  I went in realizing that I could not solve any of these problems, but Jesus could bring peace, if only we talked with him and about him.  Very soon I was praying with some new friends and found that instead of being offended by my offer of prayer, they were delighted to have me talk to Jesus with them.  The police that were there said that a minister can do far more to diffuse a situation than any police officer.  Friends, let’s talk about Jesus more often.  The Gospel is truly good news.


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