The growing conversation

A special thanks to the seventy-or-so people who gave up the better part of a Saturday to join in the What if? conversation on November 6th.  There is a real sense that the ELCIC and wider Church is experiencing a time of deeper consideration; wondering together about what God might be doing among us, and how we might join God in that.  Church renewal and the hope that it inspires is not the domain of a few people, it’s a passion that’s shared by many.  People from all across the Church, that is, across denominational lines are gathering to discuss the future of the Church; hope is rising and it’s good that we do not dream alone.  Our speakers, Cam Roxburgh and Anthony Brown, for example, shared with us that people across Alberta are having similar conversations.  In the coming weeks and months we expect to have more news about a missional network and training hub here in Calgary, a collaboration between denominations, local churches, and Forge Canada.  What could God be up to?

Lastly, I got an email that this little blog was listed as one of Top 50 Lutheran blogs being read right now.  Thanks for joining the conversation!


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