Asking the right questions

I recently read an article from Rod Wilson, the President of my alma mater, Regent College.  In it, he was reflecting on the questions that they ask as an institution.  This caught my attention,

“Recognizing that these are the questions students are bringing to Regent College in 2010 means that we must raise issues about curriculum (what we teach), pedagogy (how we teach), community (in what context we serve), messaging (how we describe what we do) and finances (how we fund what we do). We are doing this in a fresh way at this point in Regent’s history, not to communicate that the past is worse and the future is better, nor to engage in paternalism or consumerism, but so that we might continue to be sensitive to the work of the Spirit as we steer Regent College through this next season.”

Questioning methods and assumptions is healthy, it helps keep an institution on track, it helps keep people united and vibrant in their service, and it drives people towards excellence in ministry.  Regent College has been a Canadian success story in Christian higher education with a student body of about 700 and world renown faculty; but even so, they frequently pause to ask the important questions of themselves.  We should too.

To read Rod Wilson’s whole article in “The Regent World” publication.  Click here for the pdf.  The website may be found here.


One Response to Asking the right questions

  1. tyragan says:

    I think part of being able to ask the bigger questions, if also to ask the biggest: What or Where is God taking us?
    Quite often the big questions or even pausing to ask the questions are avoided due being caught up in “day to day survival”. This is true for an individual who may be putting off school or something else due to finances, or an organization that just sees mounting bills and is trapped on the treadmill of survival financing with never just popping and asking “why?” what does God want of us as a community?, not just we need to make these bills…maybe it’s a grander shift…

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