Economy of Love

I’m excited about a new small group resource called “Economy of Love.”  Here’s a short video about the five-weeks study.

I’ve also been very keen to see what else The House Studio has been up to lately; they’ve published another book that I’m reading through now called “The Sinai Experiment.”  It explores the Ten Commandments and brings them to life in some creative ways.  Check out the links and get to know this small publishing house.  They really embody a bold, Christ-centered approach to resource development for churches and small groups.  These are more than just studies, they are a realistic call to action that is accessible and tangible for people in your church community.

I’ve been in touch with The House Studio and they’ve given us a 50% off coupon code good until September 15th.  So if you’re interested in either the Sinai Experiment or The Economy of Love, go to and enter the promo code AEFW at the checkout for your discount.  Thanks to the folks at The House Studio!


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