What if…we were motivated

Motivation is a funny thing.  Organizations tend to live in the thinking that since money motivates people (and since we’re short on cash) then we will not have the power to motivate people or affect any real change.  But studies show that motivation is not tied to money in the way we might think.  In fact, some of the best ideas and innovations came about when money was not a big consideration.  Here, this short video will explain it better…

Cool eh?  Now, what are the implications?  How do we create a healthy and vibrant motivated community of pastors, church leaders, seminary teachers, and ordinary church-goers like you and me?  I have ideas, but based on this video, what are your ideas?


One Response to What if…we were motivated

  1. Ryan says:

    Many thanks for this. I have heard this before, but it is a good reminder. I also like how the animation helped communicate this.


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