… we looked to the future with trust?

What if we looked at the future and trusted that what needs to happen will happen? We always get so caught up in what the future might look like and what changes it will require that we forget that the future is something that we have a part in making. We gathered this last weekend in Camrose for the Biennial Convention of the Synod of Alberta and the Territories and had opportunities to look back to the past, discuss where we thought we are at the present, and look forward to what might be. Can we truly embrace the future with trust? We have a God who in the midst of difficult situations reminds us, “All things work together for good.” We can trust the future because God is good and calls us forward each and every day to share the love of Christ with those around us that transformation might occur. But still we wonder what “might” be. We are anxious that the ELCIC we know may be different in the future. I believe that if the ELCIC doesn’t change to embrace what the future brings it is not truly the Church, but rather some dusty museum piece that only has life as it is remembered. The Church will change as the Holy Spirit blows. As we gathered for the Friday evening worship service, the Holy Spirit was blowing. We gathered around one another to join in laying down our burdens at the Cross while being healed and strengthened through the laying on of hands. Tears were shed. Pain was shared. Love transformed. The assembly who left following the time of worship were not the same as those who entered. Eyes were lifted. Shoulders were straighter. Eyes were filled with life and determination. And God’s love in Jesus Christ was set free through God’s people as new life was evident in those who walked again into the world.

Should we fear what the future brings? Never! For we are wrapped in God’s love and sent into the world to transform and bless. Thanks be to God!


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