A New Spirit Is Blowing

We have gathered as a church in convention these days. This is one of those few and important moments when we gather as a church.  Not just as a congregation, but as a wider and diverse church.

This has been my fist synod convention. So I have been asking others what they think about this gathering vs. others. A wonderful theme has begun to emerge. I have heard stories of how in the past there were great fights and animosity at these conventions. At this one they say that the spirit of the convention is quite different. On the one hand there is a shared recognition that we are at a place of concern. We have begun to recognize together that we are struggling as a church. What is interesting is this is a longing that for many is not one of despair, but a longing for the life that God is calling us into. So instead of animosity or despair, there is a longing hope. This longing hope is also pulling us into fellowship. It is a fellowship of shared relationships, of shared journeying, and a shared seeking.

It appears the spirit is blowing. We don’t yet know where it is going. We don’t know what the church of the future will look like. The Spirit of God though is blowing in our midst. It is beginning to carry us into the mission we are called to together.


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