What if…this was a blog about Elephants?

Are there systemic issues in the ELCIC that we don’t talk about?  Surely not amongst us!


2 Responses to What if…this was a blog about Elephants?

  1. Ty says:

    There probably is many issues we do not want to face…Evolution of Seminary education? Who is called to preside over sacraments and rites? Whether or not we want to admit it, the plausibility and/or necessity of merger with other mainline denoms for survival?
    Yet there are those elephants we address head on such as the importance of restructuring for survival.
    I believe it is important though to get all the issues on the table, not just the ELCIC, but the UCC, ACC, PCC, Mennonites and Baptists as well…Will we be willing to let go of our “turf” and open our circle wide to let God call Her children to the ministry we are meant to be in our communities?

  2. Scott says:

    What drives us to ignore the “elephant” in the room? Is it fear that we may be wrong? Is it fear that we may be right? By dealing with the issues that are before us we may indeed gain understanding of ourselves and our neighbour as we reach out in love and grace. What if… we were happy to explore the issue without the need to decide on an answer? If we explore the issue with wisdom and respect for one another, I believe the answer will emerge.

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