What If We Reclaim What is Good in our Faith?

So what would a faith community look like that you would want to be a part of? A version of this question is going to be a part of what Advent is going to be asking people in the communities surrounding our church. It’s a powerful question. For myself its power lies in how it has turned me to think about the times that I have been apart of faith communities that I have loved and what characterizes them. It has reminded me how much good there is in our faith. So here is some of what characterized communities that I have loved to be a part of.

There has been a strong experience of love amongst its members.

There has been a strong life of prayer and spirituality rooted in the mystery and Love of God.

They have been directly involved in addressing the needs of their community and committed to Justice.

They have shared their life with the poor.

They have practiced hospitality to strangers.

Worship has been beautiful and sacramental.

In the teaching and in the life of the community I have experienced the presence of God.

All of these things are a part of our faith, they are all a part of our tradition, they are all a part of what is possible for any community of faith. I encourage all of you today to reflect on what are some of the richness that you have experience in Christian communities. I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings.


One Response to What If We Reclaim What is Good in our Faith?

  1. Miranda says:

    I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d actually like my faith community to be more like my Friday night drinking crowd. [This crowd is an advocacy group for Open Source software.]

    What I like about that group is that they evangelize while still being open to tough questions from newcomers. And the group still has room for those who disagree.

    And I like that they ask me how my week was.

    By and large, the deep philosophical and spiritual questions I have been asked in the past year were asked on a Friday night in a bar, not Sunday afternoon in the fellowship hall.

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