Its Time to Join The Movement

There are only a few things that I consider essential for churches to be committed to be Christian. A commitment to Justice is one of those. After all to not be committed to justice is to reject the teaching of Jesus and the prophets.

What is interesting is that the importance to work for Justice goes beyond our own faith. Talk with Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. We all share the same sense that our religions call us to live lives of compassion, and that we structure our lives so that others can flourish.

More and more we are also realizing that we cannot live out this call for Justice on our own. The multi-faith nature of our communities and our world mean that we can only realize justice through collaboration among faiths. The great joy is that this is beginning to happen.

Do you want to get involved? There are two great opportunities. The first is of global importance. The G8/G20 is coming to Canada. At the same time as the politicians are getting together, there will also be a gathering of world Religious Leaders, so that the call to justice will be heard. What is exciting is that this isn’t just a gathering for religious big wigs, rather we are all invited to participate, by holding our own interfaith dinner and dialogues and inviting our local politicians to the dialogue as well. For more information visit

If you live in Calgary there is another opportunity. We are building our own community organizing network which is interfaith. If you want to see how faith communities can really make a difference in the Justice of their community – This is it. If you want to get involved come out to the training on March 23 and 24 from 5:30 pm to 9:30 at the Boilermakers Lodge 11055 48th Street SE in Calgary.

Quite simply without a commitment to Justice, as much as we might grow, as exciting  of services we might have, or churches we might plan, we will not be renewed. For without Justice we simply betray the faith we are called to.


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