A better way

[editor’s note: this is a post originally written by Scott McClellan at Collide Magazine’s Blog]

It occurred to me the other day that everything of value that humans create — great ideas, great art, great inventions, etc. — is misunderstood and/or misused by some segment of the public. Think of the best movie or book or painting of all-time. Now, accept the fact that there are millions of people who don’t care for it. Think of the most important invention in history — let’s say the wheel — and now imagine a crowd of ancient doubters saying, “What are we going to do with that thing?” If you need a more recent example, consider the iPod.

I was introduced to an Apple discussion forum in which the original iPod was unanimously bashed by a gaggle of tech-savvy folks who couldn’t recognize the device’s potential. (Not that I recognized its potential either, but I was fortunate enough to keep my opinion to myself.)

The point is, as you create and communicate, you’re going to be misunderstood. Even if your message is timely, relevant, and well-crafted. Even if you do your homework. Even if your delivery is perfect. Personally, I see this play out in Scripture frequently. I don’t remember any of the communicators in the Bible reaching 100 percent of their audience.

People have a hard time seeing new truths. People have a hard time seeing the future. People have a hard time seeing a better way.

Don’t let that stop you from doing what you’re supposed to do.


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