A Centre for Innovation

I want to continue to develop some of the ideas presented in other blogs. Today the question of a centre for innovation.

So what could this look like. Well to begin with I believe we need to recognize that innovation and renewal is happening. While some paint a broad brush that says the church is dying, the reality is that God is still at work, congregations are being renewed, people’s lives are being transformed, healing and new life is happening. If there was to be a center of innovation, its basic mission I believe would be to find and lift up this new life so that others can learn from it.

So it starts with a conversation. Much like what is happening here. After all conversations are places where something can be named as important and an opening can be created for us to begin to see that innovation and renewal is happening.

Next come means of sharing that conversation. This blog is  start or the “What if  . . . ? conference. All things we are doing. What if we were to dream further.

One of the next tasks would to begin to build more of a network between those who are committed to renewal in the church. These networks could be means of sharing ideas and hopefully collaborating on projects.

Another task is ensuring its spiritual roots. In other words, what is needed is a deep engagement with spiritual practice, formation and our shared life together.

And if we wanted things to really fly. Well what if we had staff . . . whose job it was simply to find where new life is happening and devise means of sharing it.

What if we could do research . . . actually go out and study this new life, test what is working and share the results.

What if we could gather those who are engaged with renewal on a regular basis . . . , to share ideas, and share bread and wine.

What if we could use more means of sharing this . . . posting pod casts, videos, templates, experiences. In effect planning seeds widely and freely.=

There is a part of me that says isn’t this what our national office and seminaries should be doing? Then  I think a much wiser part of me responds isn’t it good that they are not, for if it was to be a center of innovation or renewal, then it would need to be broader then denominational lines. It would be define not by history, but by wisdom and the spirit.

In many ways this is what we are starting to do. Could it go further? Oh yes. This is the question of where the spirit is leading this. And I can’t wait to find out. If you would like to join in though, come along.


2 Responses to A Centre for Innovation

  1. Preston says:

    Those are great expanded thoughts. Developing a culture of collaboration and innovation is a tricky task, but worth every bit of effort. What if the next generation of Lutherans in Canada were known for the creative ways they reached out to their communities, communicated the Gospel, and developed new churches? It gives me goose bumps to just imagine the new life that could grow here.

  2. Scott says:

    Thanks Ryan,
    What would it look like as we work together in the name of Christ as the differences fall away as we find our unity. We would be able to look forward to what God is doing through us instead of looking back as to the separations that have occurred. Hope is what lies ahead of us in this journey of faith and that hope will gather us together in a unified mission to reach the world in God’s love.

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