What if…the status quo is not an option?

I came across a striking headline in the Globe and Mail, “Anglican Church Facing Threat of Extinction.”  The article paints a hard picture of the future of the Anglican church.  With declining numbers, a Bishop in British Columbia is closing churches en mass.  The conclusion of Anglican leaders is that the status quo is no longer an option.  Simply letting things trundle along is not a strategic plan.   Church must be done differently.

For the sake of the Gospel, and for the sake of the Kingdom of God, and for the sake of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, what if we didn’t accept status quo?  What if our passion and love for the Church ran deeper than simply upholding the status quo?  Jesus caused ripples of change.  His earliest followers went far and wide, boldly proclaiming the Kingdom of God.  Fueled by the Good News of Jesus, the early Church grew in fiery love and grace.  What if the Jesus Way became our way?  I’m hopeful that it will.


One Response to What if…the status quo is not an option?

  1. Ty Ragan says:

    It is true, that churches unwilling to interact with the communities around them inevitably succumb to the burden that is the human construct. In plainer English, a church reaps what it sows.
    That being said, the Anglican church has refused to respond to their congregants, to engage in a full conversation on faith and conversion, and truly has yet to define why it exists.
    This may sound harsh, but think about it, those churches that thrive, are as you said Preston, the ones that embrace the radical nature of Christ and shake things up. What is more important, building the Reign of God here on earth? Or paying for national office? Church newspapers? Bishops? etc.
    I also found it to note that the Presbyterians were mentioned as well in this piece, and it brings to my mind, Lutheran churches as a whole (LCC, ELCIC, FL, LB, and the others in Canada) if we can be as destined as these other two “race” churches, or can we forge something new from the ashes of this generation? Is there room in Canada for a Christ centred big theological tent denomination where all are welcome?

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