The Helpful Strangeness of Jesus

I’m becoming increasingly convinced that the Lutheran Church will thrive only when ordinary people reaquaint themselves with the person of Jesus.  I’m an advocate for a variety of structural and innovative changes to the way we shape our communities of faith and ministry, but it all comes to life only when Jesus is the reference point.  I’d like to recommend a recent blog post from Prof. John G. Stackhouse who reminded me, once again, of the wonder of Christ.  Jesus is the hope of the Church.  You can read the post here.


One Response to The Helpful Strangeness of Jesus

  1. Scott says:

    Yes it is true that by rediscovering Jesus we will indeed be changed. Many, I believe, in the church are (to use a Matrix illustration) “not ready to be unplugged”. The church has become a warm blanket that comforts and gives us a feeling of safety. It gives us an identity and a group to belong to. The church begins to be that which is the target of our devotion and if the “church” has difficulties so too does our “faith”. By living in relationship with Jesus we are able to regain that radicality that will create change in the world.

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