What if…we created more “Aha!” moments

The Leadership Network has been publishing some great books recently.  Now they are hosting a free online event on Wednesday, March 3rd.  40 speakers are given six minutes each to share new ideas for ministry, leadership, and church development.  It’s perfectly free, but you must register to participate.  Check out their website for details. 

The Leadership Network also hosts a number of other events to promote innovative activity and thinking in the church.  Check out these two:


We have an innovative God who, by His very nature, is creative.  What if the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada had a centre for innovation?  What if we fostered a culture that encouraged ideation?  What if ordinary people had an avenue to bring forward their ideas; a place where the church could make room for broader dialogue and action?  I believe that the Lutheran church could thrive in a culture of innovation.  I believe that our creative God would be delighted if we joined Him in His ongoing creative and redemptive work in the world.


One Response to What if…we created more “Aha!” moments

  1. Ty Ragan says:

    Amen and Alleluia, a church that is willing to allow the Spirit to truly guide its interactions in the world, and understanding of the world as opposed to adherence to doctrine.
    I truly believe we are already on this path, and it is exciting times yet we must truly hold to good stewardship and ponder where money is best spent, on missions at home and abroad for those in need or governance structures and facilities?

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