What if…it was all about God’s story

I spent my most formative teen years growing up in the Evangelical Covenant Church.  I was surrounded by Swedish Lutheran families and it was our Pastor Rob Peterson who gave me the language that I needed to see myself as part of a greater story – God’s story.  Recently Pastor Rob Peterson was asked to be the senior pastor at Thornapple Covenant Church in Grand Rapids, MI.  In his first sermon to the congregation he asked,

“Have you ever been bored with the Christian life…thinking, there’s got to be more?  The reason that that happens for me is that I lose the sense of drama, I lose the sense that I’m part of this huge story.  I get pushed into thinking that what matters is my story.  I know my story matters to God…but when my life seems a bit small and pedestrian, I need someone to come to me and say, ‘turn around and look at God’s story.'”

Are people bored with church where you live?  Are they bored with the weekly routine and the occasional potluck?  I think we need to get reaquainted with God’s story; the grand, magestic, sweeping story of God’s epic creation and redemption of the world.  Why?  Because as followers of Jesus that story becomes ours and there is nothing boring about it.  What if we found creative ways to recount this grand narrative today?

You can hear Pastor Rob’s whole message here.


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