What if…the difference is Jesus

For years, various charities would advertise on the TV or in print and it was only in the fine print that you would find out if they were faith-based or not.  Perhaps it was a fear of frightening away donors.  That’s why I was so surprised last month when I was reading Maclean’s magazine and came across a full page ad that proclaimed, “The Difference is Jesus.”  It had a picture of a family and below the picture it said,

“My name is Ajinta.  I’m a mother of two children, a boy and a girl.  My husband and I trusted in spirits to bring us prosperity and good fortune.  We found only sickness and pain.  It was Jesus who rescued us.” 

Compassion Canada boldly declared that Jesus makes all the difference in helping people find their way out of poverty.  Check out these amazing stories.  Here’s what their website says,

“Compassion believes it takes more than education, healthcare and social programs to make a difference in the life of a child and help nations escape from poverty. It’s only by the gospel of Jesus Christ that poverty can end, and lives be forever changed.” 

Christian aid agencies over the years have been compelled to tame any Christian message, but Compassion is sticking the name of Jesus right front and center.  It’s a bold step in a world that asks Christians not to say the name of Jesus too loudly (Acts 4:18-20).

As mainline churches prepare for continual divisions, schisms, and general malaise, what if we were to boldly re-declare that “The Difference is Jesus.”  What if we truly believed that no amount of structural reorganization could change our rapid decline?  What if we came to realize that renewal can only happen if we meet Jesus anew and invite him to transform us. 

“The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada: The Difference is Jesus.”

Catchy, isn’t it?


3 Responses to What if…the difference is Jesus

  1. Jim Appleby says:

    It is catchy. It’s more than catchy. Bold, as you say. And good. Jesus makes the difference… no matter what you’re hoping to do.

  2. Ty Ragan says:

    Hmmm…reading through Luther’s works, something he said to his followers at the Reformation struck me this morning: “Do not call yourselves Lutheran, for it is not me that we follow, but Christ, call yourselves Christians.”
    Is it not time to drop Lutheran, Presbyterian, United, etc all together, come together in a bolder step: The Christian Church in Canada.

  3. sharon says:

    Thanks Ty! Great quote from Luther “Do not call yourselves Lutheran, for it is not me that we follow, but christ, call yourselves Christians.” AMEN!

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