Possibility Thinkers Gathering

Well we are having a get together this Friday to tackle a new question . . . Now what?

We have spent the last several months, blogging, listening and watching for what God might be calling us to as a church. Now we get to wonder what our little group might be called to next. So if you have any ideas or suggestions add a comment and let us know.


3 Responses to Possibility Thinkers Gathering

  1. revcowboy says:

    I have a few things for the group to consider.
    What would the church look like if we believed and acted like the preaching the Word and Sharing in the sacraments were central to being the Body of Christ. Is the solution to “the problems” of the ELCIC becoming something new? Or becoming something that our theology says we are?

    Secondly, as the youngest pastor in the ELCIC at present (and I know some in your group are also young), I would like the group to consider what is the church you have passed on to me now. And what will that church look like in 25 years as I am in the middle of the second half of my career.

  2. Preston says:

    Good words. Thanks for wrestling along with us…

  3. Pastor Erik says:

    Is there anything to report coming out of last Friday’s meeting?

    I very much appreciate this blog so far and I hope to see this conversation continuing. I don’t ever see time for this kind of thinking and wondering coming to an end. I believe we need to be constantly dreaming about what we could be. And some if those dreams came true once in while, the ELCIC and the Church Catholic would be much better off for it. The moment we stop the conversation is when there is no chance to do anything.

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