A shout-out in the Canada Lutheran

Today I received the October/November issue of the Canada Lutheran.  Thanks to the Editor for mentioning this blog and our efforts to inspire healthy renewal in the ELCIC.  She wrote:

I was excited recently to hear about an initiative from the Synod of Alberta and the Territories that invites no-holds-barred dialogue.  As part of the synod’s renewal efforts, Bishop Ron Mayan has asked a group of creative church members to contribute to a blog (www.abtrenewal.wordpress.com) entitled “What if….” The contributors, all committed to building up the ELCIC, offer creative critique and, ideally, practical solutions to problems facing the synod and the greater church. They are ready to challenge sacred cows for the purpose of moving the denomination forward in Christ. Readers, in turn, can post their comments and expand the discussion.

You may read her whole article Editor’s Note–Final.



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