What if . . . What next

It has been fun blogging. Writing, reading and commenting. I am starting to wonder . . . what comes next.  The intention that began a process that led to this blog was “How can we create a space for aconversation about renewal? How do we create a space where God’s renewing spirit can flow?” (or at least something along those lines).

So I am now wondering what next. How does the conversation grow? Perhaps a conversation that all are invited to at Pastor Study conference? Perhaps conversations over coffee? Perhaps an invitation to new writers? I don’t know.

For now I am drinking coffee waiting and watching for the spirit to blow. I swear I can feel a slight breeze on my neck. So I am just wondering which way the wind is blowing so we can set the sails.


2 Responses to What if . . . What next

  1. Preston says:

    Ryan, You are so right. We need to meet again and talk about next steps. There is a real sense of urgency about the challenges we face in the church. You and I are young, if we don’t tend to these challenges today, we’ll be forced to deal with them later. So action is needed. Could we call a meeting in November?

  2. Tim says:

    My understanding was that there was to be another meeting scheduled before Christmas. I like the idea of doing something during the study conference. As much as appreciate William Willimon I’m afraid the topic Worship as Pastoral Care belongs to another era.

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