What if…we could get some ideas going

big ideasHow many knuckles do the leaders of the ELCIC have buried into the grass?  I’m talking, of course, about how well church leaders make decisions or gain momentum by way of grass roots innitiatives.  An organization rises and falls on its ability to return to its roots for renewal, vision, and direction.  Anytime in history that the church has seen growth, its been because the local church was invited, challenged, and empowered to speak out and act with boldness.  Jesus and Paul worked with locals, perhaps we need to rediscover the potency of God’s work among ordinary people.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a project called, “Project 10 to the Power of 100.”  It’s a Google innitiative to collect ideas – big ideas that could change the world in areas such as community, government, environment and others.  The result has been amazing – 150 thousand ideas, and they are truly innovative.  Their motto is great: “may those who help the most win”.  Check out the website here

What if the church asked for ideas too?

What if leaders in the ELCIC mined for new ideas among ordinary people?  Instead of a small group of leaders holding the reigns of innovation, could we trust God to work through the people?  What if big problems like money, unity, theological discord, and stagnant growth were allowed to be picked over by ordinary lutherans who have a passion for the church and for the gospel of Jesus Christ?  I’m not talking about forming a new committee, but the creation of an idea pool.  Perhaps it’s a kind of open source church development where ordinary people submit ideas for restructuring the church, doing missions, developing leaders, planting new churches, renewing old ones, getting involved in our communities, engaging youth, inspiring worship and prayer, and so on.  This would be a transparent process where ideas are gathered, examined, reviewed, and with some fortitude the best ideas could be implimented to the glory of God. 

Hey, it’s just an idea.


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  1. ryancandersen says:

    I like it!

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