The Church Planting Congress

Every two years Church Planting Canada holds a Congress, and the next one is November 17th-20th in Calgary! 

congress-ad-800x200I am so inspired by the vision and values of Church Planting Canada and The Congress:

Their Vision… To see every neighbourhood transformed through the presence of multiplying missional communities incarnating the gospel.

Their Values…

…the transformation of Canada, thus we will by all means seek to multiply new discipling communities.

…collaboration, thus we work freely sharing time, materials, expertise and resources.

…diversity within shared purpose, thus all chart their own course with a sense of shared mission.

…multiplication at multiple levels.

…the local church being missional, thus we will focus our intentions on providing environments that help churches become missional and to multiply.

…visionary leadership, therefore we will by all means help recruit, resource and release quality people to church planting.

What if the Lutheran Church became a multiplying, missional Church? 

Keep exploring…

An example of a multiplying church: Metro Community in Kelowna (I spent time there this weekend and was profoundly inspired)

An example of an old denomination making big changes to their structures in order to focus on developing leaders and to become more missionally focused: Mennonite Brethren

Missional Network resouces: Forge Canada


4 Responses to The Church Planting Congress

  1. scpeterson says:

    Strange how this is the first I have heard of this, especially if the registration opened early in the summer. I guess transformation and renewal is something that the Evangelicals are keeping a secret from the mainline.

  2. Preston says:

    Scott, I agree that there needs to be more bridge building between the Mainline and Evangelicals. The division can be thick, for sure. The Mainline rarely ordains grads from Evangelical Seminaries (in spite of a pastor shortage), nor does it build formal relationships with Evangelical denominations (the Anglicans only, so far). I’m a rare bird, coming over from the Evangelical camp to serve in a Lutheran context. More can be done. There is a lot we have in common, like the Gospel of Jesus. We need to do things like meet with the good people at the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, for example, and start to forge relationships worthy of the Kingdom. Instead of waiting for an email, we need to get out and find out what our brothers and sisters in Christ are up to right in our own neighborhoods and let them know that we want to be part of the action.

  3. Preston says:

    Tim and I are going, anyone else?

  4. Preston says:

    Tim and I are at the Renov8 Church Planting Congress with about 600 missional leaders and thinkers from across Canada. I am inspired by how these men and women from across denominational lines long to renew the church and reach out to their neighbourhoods. What a powerful experience!

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