… we thought of spirituality of one part of an integral (whole) life

Maybe the problem with church is that we do not take the whole person seriously.  When was the last time your pastor asked you about your physical exercise or nutritional habits?  How about if you were studying anything at the moment?  We often as church goers only think about the church as helping learn more about our spiritual selves, but what if the church looked beyond the worship and prayer focus and also gathered for exercise classes and studies on quantum mechanics?  What if we thought that spirituality was only one part of us and we worked as hard in the church to also provide opportunity to foster greater health in other parts of our lives.


2 Responses to … we thought of spirituality of one part of an integral (whole) life

  1. Cathy Heinemann says:

    I have some to think of our lifes on earth as having three parts, the physical body, the mind (our thinking) and the spirit(our emotions and our connections to others) and when one part is out of balance the others will suffer as well… they are all seperate, yet all one, very much like we are taught to understand the Holy Trinity.

    If my pastor (or other christian friends) were to look at how they could support each others bodies, minds and spirits and realize the interconnectedness maybe there would be less pain among us.

    I probably cannot speak as eloquently as the other learned posters, yet this post spoke to me as I recover at home from breast cancer surgery, and look at my life so much differently every day.

  2. Preston says:

    Thank you for sharing!

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