Baptism took three years?

A conversation:

Him: I looked at the church roles and there were over 150 kids baptized there the past 10 years. And where are those kids and their parents now? Very few of them are in church.

Me: And is that because the parents are getting their babies “done” and not taking the promises all that seriously? Or the congregation is not taking a greater role post-baptism? Or pastors are not taking on the education and formation demands baptism now needs? I wouldn’t want to lose the baptism of infants. I still think that’s God’s graciousness at work.

Him: Me too. But still, what of those kids? So now I’m thinking if someone wants to have their child baptized, I’ll still say yes. I’ll say : “Yes! It might take three years. When can we start?”

Me: (laughing) I wonder what would happen?


One Response to Baptism took three years?

  1. revcowboy says:

    I think the biggest problem with making promises in Baptism, whether we take them seriously or not, is focusing on “our promises”. As I tell parents, their part is easy. Give the kid a bible, bring him/her to church, and eventually to confirmation.

    The promises of Baptism that we need to focus on are God’s. God’s gift of forgiveness, life and salvation. What if we actually told people what Baptism is about and who really makes the promises?

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