…we started over? (from guest-blogger Earl Creps)

{Ed. Note: Today’s guest-blogger, Dr. Earl Creps, grew up in the Lutheran Church and writes from his perspective as a professor at AGTS and as church planter.  You can read more about Dr. Creps at his blog, earlcreps.com; he has written Off-Road Disciplines and Reverse Mentoring}

WHAT IF we started over?

And Sunday mornings were redesigned with the help of spiritual seekers from our region?

And vocational ministry did not require an M.Div.?

And church members were held accountable for their life and lifestyle?

And the largest proportion of church budgets was devoted to evangelism?

And everything was negotiable except the Scriptures and orthodoxy?

And committees were replaced by teams?

And we reached in faith more often for the miraculous?

And we were willing to start over as many times as it takes…?


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