… we rested in the presence of God

We still much too often spend our time wondering what we can do next to change what is wrong with the church, with the world, with ourselves.  We feel useless unless we are doing something that makes a difference.  We are caught in a never ending cycle of doing-doing-doing.

What if we came into the presence of God and just rested there for a while?  Many times we think of prayer as that time in the presence of God, but it often gets filled with our mind/heart chatter that drowns out God from the conversation.  Maybe we can just be quiet for a while and let God fill us.  Maybe we can realize that God is in control and we can rest in that truth.

Spend just five minutes being still.  No idle mind chatter – no requests of God – no wondering what is next on the schedule – just be still.  Breathe.  Rest.  Know that God is with you.

“Be still, and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10


One Response to … we rested in the presence of God

  1. Preston says:

    Well said. I took an extra moment today just to “be.” We need to hear God’s voice and what better place then just to sit in His presence.

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