A great, yet challenging DVD

Father Thomas Keating and Ken Wilber reveal:The Future of Christianity

Do you want to bring your Christian faith into alignment with the modern world? You are among friends. We also left the traditional church and looked for a different kind of relationship with God in many places, before we re-discovered this new vision of Christianity taught by Father Thomas Keating and Ken Wilber. We are so excited by what they shared with us that we created The Future of Christianity DVD set to introduce these inspiring concepts to individuals like you who are seeking a new kind of modern relationship with Jesus Christ.

Integral Life offers a new 2-disc DVD entitled The Future of Christianity: A Startling New Vision of Hope for the 21st Century.  Join Ken Wilber and renowned Christian contemplative Father Thomas Keating as they present their newest—and some say most interesting work! Discover a vision of the Christian journey that has radical implications for our spiritual lives and for the world as a whole.


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