…You Started Here?

What if you wanted to start a renewal in your congregation or the larger church. Where would you begin?

Daniel P. Smith and Mary K. Sellon in their book Pathway to Renewal (p.57) write the following:

Systems theory says that when people come together for a purpose, the resulting group becomes a living, growing entity with its own unique personality and preferences…As  it ages, patterns develop, providing stability. But over time, these patterns codify and the group becomes pattern- dependent …Congregational renewal seeks to set new norms and ultimately to break the old patterns and the pattern-dependency of the congregational system. This shift is best initiated by a group of people that doesn’t already formally exist.

Is this why Jesus called those first disciples: a group of rag-tag fisherman, a tax collector and a bunch of unknowns? Is this why the Bishop has called us together? So who would you pick to start a renewal in your congregation?


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